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The Mission of Silver Hill Horace Mann Charter School is to be a thriving learning environment that educates, inspires, challenges and nurtures the minds and well-being of our diverse population of children Kindergarten through Grade 5; where all children achieve at their optimum academic level and develop positive citizenship and character. Silver Hill supports the growth of the Whole Child and the continuous improvement of the teachers in collaboration with the families of Silver Hill and the Haverhill community.

Our students wrote their own version: The mission of SHHMCS is to educate, inspire, challenge and nurture all students (US). Our thriving learning environment (classroom & school) helps us build and develop higher academic skills, positive citizenship and character traits.

  • ATTENTION: NO SCHOOL 3/14/18.. Stay Warm & Safe

    Hello All,

    It sure is beautiful out there, but not safe to to just stay home! No school, tomorrow Wednesday, 3-14. See you Thursday!


    Message from Superintendent Scully:

              Good afternoon,

              This storm continues with increasing accumulations that will leave many of our schools not fully ready to open Wednesday. The lingering    conditions coupled with sidewalk and other safety concerns has caused me to cancel school for Wednesday March the 14th. 

              Again NO School in Haverhill Wednesday March 14th.

    Thanks for your understanding
    Jim Scully



    Dear Silver Hill Families,

    Here we go again…Superintendent Scully has cancelled school for tomorrow:

    It is no secret that tomorrow morning we are going to be inundated with another snowstorm. Therefore, so you can properly plan, I am hereby announcing that there will be no school tomorrow in Haverhill, the 13th of March. Again, no school on Tuesday, March 13th. Thank You,

    Jim Scully

    Superintendent of Schools

    Yikes! Between the snow days, loosing an hour of sleep, and another storm, it’s next to impossible to keep a routine! We’ve had a few rescheduled dates:

    • Grade 3, 4, 5 VIP Dance is rescheduled for March 23 – PTO needs volunteers! Please contact Nicole Kardos and Allison Lenihan
    • Picture Day is now March 20.
    • New event scheduled…back by popular demand! Bingo For Books – April 11 –  K-2  5:30 – 6:30    Grades 3, 4, 5   6:45 – 7:45

    Special thanks to Kristina Morowski and some PTO elves who “picked” the Apples off our Giving Tree in the lobby and made many teachers very happy! We are lucky to have such an involved PTO to support our school programs!

    Congratulations to our Academic Bowl students, Bella Giordano, Alex Feil, Declan Gillogly, Myan Pham, Anushey Zahib, Gianna Aloisi, and Hunter Blais! And a special Thank You to Daniela Murphy for being our Academic Bowl coach! Competition begins this week (I hope). Good luck to our Team!!

    Wednesday, March 14, 3:30 at Hunking

    Wednesday, March 21, 3:30 at Consentino

    Wednesday, March 26, 3:30 at Consentino


    Stay safe, stay warm, and think Spring!



    Good Evening Silver Hill Families,

    A message from Supt. Scully:

    Good evening,

    While the forecast is for clearing during the day Thursday adverse conditions are still being predicted by all sources which indicate it will be difficult for the proper opening of our schools and for driving early on.

    Therefore, there will be NO SCHOOL in Haverhill Thursday March the 8th.

    Stay safe,


  • Softball Sign Up

  • Don’t Miss The Upcoming Dance!

  • Jump Rope For Heart

    Today Silver Hill hosted a jump rope team from New Hampshire. The jump team was comprised of students around the age of our students. They performed tricks and also provided our students with healthy living choices. A BIG thank you to Mr. Gartner for setting this up in honor of  American Heart Month 

    Jump Rope For Heart Video

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  • 2-14-18

    Dear Silver Hill Families,

    Yesterday Superintendent Scully announced the death of a six year old child at Golden Hill School. The death of a child is such devastating news, and my heart goes out to her family. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. I know how sad this must be for the entire Golden Hill school community and I have reached out to their principal Bruce Mitchinson to offer our deepest sympathy and any help we can provide to him and his staff.

    We are taking all necessary steps to make sure our building is aggressively cleaned and disinfected, and there will be a complete “scrubbing” over the vacation week. There will be extra attention to student desks and areas of common use. While we will provide wipes for our classrooms, I would encourage you to send wipes to school with your child and remind them about careful hand washing. I have asked that teachers do not allow students to share belongings. This includes markers, pencils, scissors, etc. I know how difficult this will be, especially for the younger grades. But with the risk of anyone getting the flu, and the contagious nature, we need to take all possible precautions. Again, if you would like to donate any extra supplies it would be greatly appreciated so we can ensure that every child has their own individual materials. Also, with any Valentine celebrations today, we will be extra careful that food, cups, etc. are not shared.

    I do not want to scare our students, but I also want them to know that keeping our “personal space” clean will help keep us safe from getting sick. We will encourage the children to wash their hands thoroughly and frequently, and to cover their coughs and sneezes.  If your child is ill or has been ill during the previous night, please keep him/her home. And PLEASE, if you have not gotten a flu shot, get it now.

    Below is a message from Dr. Maddox, Haverhill Public School’s physician.

    Dr. Maddox writes…

    Like all of you, I was deeply saddened to learn of the death of a 1st grader at Golden Hill.

    The state department of public health has notified the public that this student died from influenza.

    Mass Dept of Public Health’s announcement:

    The peak of flu season is often scary.  So far there have been 64 pediatric deaths nationwide.  This compares 110 last year.  Flu vaccines make a difference.  80% of the children who have died so far this year did not receive a flu vaccine.

    Children almost always give you some warning that they are becoming sick, usually starting with a fever of at least 100 degrees.  Most children with the flu will have a mild illness, do not require a visit to the doctor and will recover within a few days.  However, even healthy children can get very sick.  

    The following Flu Guide for Parents from the CDC gives important information and should be disseminated throughout HPS:

    Here’s what we, as a school district, can do to minimize the flu’s impact:

    1.  Make sure sick children and staff stay home until they are no longer contagious

    2.  Take everyday precautions to prevent the spread of germs

    * wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.  If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand rub.

    * clean and disinfect surfaces and objects that may be contaminated with germs

    * avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth because germs spread this way.  Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze

    3.  Encourage people to get a flu vaccine — it’s not too late!

    If you have questions about your child, please call your child’s primary care provider or the state department of public health: 617- 624-6000 or 617-983-6800.


    I wish I had a happier message on Valentines Day, and from my heart I wish you good health.



  • las Escuelas Publicas de Haverhill Superintendente de Escuelas


    Our Haverhill public health nurse, Mary Connolly, would also like us to relay that it is not too late to get the flu vaccine.  She has free flu vaccine for children.  Parents may contact her by email or by calling 978-374-2390​ ext. 15.

(978) 374-3400
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