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  • March 20, 2020

    Good Morning Jaguars,

    Today is Friday March 20, 2020.  It is the First day of Spring! Try to get outside and get some physical activity in.  I am sure Mr. Murphy will be very happy to see and hear about it!


    Ms. Alves shared with me that we had some Silver Hill celebrity pictures in the Haverhill Gazette yesterday!  Be sure to check out the pictures from our Dr Suess: Read Across America Day! Hoping to have this posted on our website as well!  Silver Hill Jaguars ROCK and READ!!!




    We have a special Happy Birthday wish for three Jaguars today:


    Happy Spring and Happy Birthday to:

    Tristan J, Evelyn P., and Mrs. Deneu from Grade 5!


    We also need to wish an early Happy Birthday to

    Avery M. on Saturday  and Jaz R and Gabby B on Sunday!  We hope you all have fun-filled birthdays!




    I hope many of you are using the Scholastic Resources mentioned in Wednesday’s email.  So many great reading opportunities were there and don’t forget, the time you spend reading should be logged for the HAVERHILL PROMISE reading challenge going on,  “I Stayed Home and Read… To Help Stop the Spread”! Let’s see if we can get 100% of Jaguars to take the challenge and read for 20 minutes per day at home during the COVID-19 disruption.


    Remember to :Log your reading and turn it in weekly:

    Choose one of the following 3 ways to track and enter  your student’s progress at the end of each week:

    1. BEST WAY: fill out an online survey form at


    1. Email your student’s name, school, grade, and daily reading time to


    1. Pick up a paper tracking form at one of the HPS Drop-In Centers and present it to a staff member at the end of the week


    Hopefully some Jaguars will win the random drawings too!  I will post any winners I hear about!


    I also listened to a reading of a great book for grades K-2 today titled Clark the Shark and have included the link below. This can count towards your 20 minutes of reading.  It takes about 5 minutes for this story, how many more minutes would you need to reach 20 minutes for the challenge?


    Another great resource I found was an art activity.  Every day at 1pm, author and artist, Mo Williams, invites you into his studio, to draw, doodles, and teaches you how to make various crafts!  Check it out, it looks like a ton of fun!



    Again, I want to thank everyone for all of the pictures being sent in.  The staff loves seeing you all working so hard and having fun! Please check out the Silver Hill website under Jaguar Corner for all the latest photos.  A special thank you to Mrs. Sanchez for getting those up on the website so quickly. Remember to check it out on the school website under Jaguar Corner! You can share by emailing me at Can’t wait to see what was happening with you all today and don’t forget the weekend too!



    Joke of the Day:

    Thursday’s joke:  What time do ducks wake up????   Answer: At the quack of dawn! HAHAHAHA


    Today’s joke: What did one ocean say to the other ocean????   Answer: coming on Monday


    Jaguar Pledge:

    Let’s end with our Silver Hill Jaguar Pledge:


    I pledge today and everyday, to show respect in every way.

    I take ownership for my behavior, with a positive attitude towards my neighbor

    Responsibility is on my mind, I try my best every time.

    Safety is seen throughout the school, we care about others and follow the rules.

    Silver Hill Jaguars, ROAR!!!!!!


    Remember to make us PROUD, follow the pledge in and out of school!


    Remember to keep learning, stay active, and wash your hands frequently!


    Have a great day, we miss you all,

    Mrs. Lucas


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