Silver Hill Elementary School

  • Good Morning Jaguars,   

    Today is Tuesday March 24, 2020.  

    Thanks to everyone who joined in and sent pictures of Super Hero day yesterday.  We hope even more can join in today for Crazy Hair Day and school Colors Day this is in honor of hair stylists and the schools we miss!

    We need everyone’s help.  You all are the best and we need to show it.  Each and everyday there is a competition among some of the district schools about who has more spirit.  Jaguars Do NOT like to loose! Let’s show everyone in the city the spirit of the Silver Hill Jaguars.  We need to share more pictures than anyone else each day! Please share on the PTO Facebook or email to

    Remember spirit days for the rest of the week are:

    Wednesday – Dress like an old person – in honor of the generation most at risk for the virus

    Thursday – Jersey Day – in honor of our favorite sports teams that are not able to play right now

    Friday – Pajama Day – because let’s face it, pajamas are the best part of homeschooling!


    We have a special Happy Birthday wish for three Jaguars today, March 24th:
    Happy Birthday to: Georgia A,  Ayden W, and Kaden G .
    We hope you all have fun-filled birthdays! 


    We hope everyone is joining the reading challenge sponsored by HAVERHILL PROMISE.  “I Stayed Home and Read… To Help Stop the Spread!”
    Let’s see if we can get 100% of Jaguars to take the challenge and read for 20 minutes per day.  Remember to log your reading and send it in weekly to or  

     We know you can do it, let’s all READ!

    We appreciate everyone who was able to respond to the survey sent out.  We are evaluating the results and will share those hopefully tomorrow.  So far, we can see that the morning announcements are working but you would like more information on what is coming up.  We will try to make you aware of anything we can as early as possible.  Today is a district wide administrator’s meeting so hopefully we will have some updates tomorrow.  We are running remote grade level meetings as well and discussing ways to assist the students and parents more effectively.  Those updates will shared as well by the end of the week.  Based on the survey, we are trying to simply the assignments and distribute them daily so as not to overwhelm everyone.  We cannot express how appreciative we are for your feedback, patience, and cooperation.  Together we can and will make a difference and lead our Silver Hill Jaguars to the highest level of success!  Thank you!


    Please remember to keep sharing pictures of you working hard on the packets given by your teachers or working online with STMATH, EPIC, or dressed up for Spirit week!  Check out the Silver Hill website under Jaguar Corner for all the latest photos. You can share by emailing me at Can’t wait to see what was happening with you all today and throughout the week too! 

    Pledge of Allegiance

    We will be adding the Pledge of Allegiance to the morning calls starting today.  You may pick up a small flag at any of the food distribution locations if you need one. 

    Keep learning, stay active, and wash your hands frequently! 

    This week, there will be special guests doing the announcements each day.  Who do you think will greet you today?  We shall see ….

    Have a great day, we miss you all,

    Mrs. Lucas

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