Silver Hill Elementary School

  • Silver Hill Reading Spirit Week! April 27-May 1

    • YAHOO!  Jaguars came out on top again in the Haverhill Promise reading challenge, 5 weeks in a row!  AMAZING!!!!!

    • Reading Spirit Week: Let’s increase the percentage of students taking part in the Haverhill Reading Challenge .  Last week we had 27% of students participating.  Could we get to 50%???  Let’s try with the Reading Spirit Week Ideas!

      • Monday,  April 27th – Read to a pet or stuffed animal

      • Tuesday, April 28th  – Read to a sibling or relative

      • Wednesday, April 29th – Read a story dressed as your favorite character

      • Thursday, April 30th – Read by flashlight (maybe build a fort to read in too!)

      • Friday, May 1st – Read outside

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