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  • January 25, 2021

    Jaguar families,

    It’s here, the week we see more of our little cherubs. As of the School Committee Meeting on 1/14/21, our Cohort A/C will be coming in on Monday, 1/25 and Tuesday, 1/26 to conduct their in-person learning. On Wednesday we will continue to be remote and deep clean the building.  Our Cohort B/C will be in person Thursday, 1/28 and Friday, 1/29, we can’t wait.   Please have your students’ bus pass and pick up tag numbers ready to go. I know it has been a long time since they have been back in the building but these two items are going to keep the flow of traffic moving smoothly. 

    Student and Social Emotional Assistance

    As your students transition back to school, our school adjustment counselors have been compiling a great deal of resources to help you and your child navigate this overwhelming time.  Feel free to take a peek at the following links and perouse our Silver Hill Counseling page.

    A very special ‘Shout Out’ to our upcoming Birthdays:

    1/18   Paris F. & Sincier F.
    1/19   Mason B
    1/24   Esther C., Denali M. & Kaylee C
    1/25   Evan S & Cameron K
    1/26   Avianna S
    1/27   Divina C
    1/30  Amelia G & Ranvir B.
    1/31   Keira W.

    Pool Testing

    This past week, I have tried to jump on as many google meets as possible but it has been tricky with our district wide Pool Testing being conducted for Cohort C.  Moving ahead, for Cohort A and B students there is attached information you will need if you would like your children to participate in the weekly pool testing.  Shortly, I will be sending out Mr. Gray’s email explaining the pool testing along with the needed consents.  If you are able to print them out, please fill them out and return them to school.  If not, we will be providing the consents here at school on Monday and Thursday for each coinciding Cohort. 

    Consent Form 1 -Pool Testing – ALL students and adults – final (1).pdf Consent form 2.pdf 

    Consent form 2.pdf 

    Pool Testing Consent 1 -Spanish.pdf 

    Consent 2- Spanish.pdf 

    Pool Consent -Portuguese.pdf 

    Consent 2 Portuguese.pdf 

    Pool Consent 1 Arabic.pdf 


    Along with direct instruction taking place, students will be taking their mid-year i-Ready diagnostic. You and your children may feel anxious or nervous when you hear the words “diagnostic test” or “assessment”. I am writing to let you know the purpose of this assessment is to celebrate what our students have learned, understand what they are ready to learn, make the best use of their learning time (both in person and remote), know progress toward their individual goals, and get new i-Ready lessons that are just right for them.

    Please keep in mind that i-Ready is an adaptive test which means that the difficulty changes depending on your child’s answers. Remind your students that they may see questions they don’t know the answer to but to choose the best answer and move on. 

    We understand some parents may feel overwhelmed about students taking an assessment the day they return to in person learning. However, after much consideration we felt the diagnostic would be more accurate in person. We also know how difficult remote learning has been for many and felt students would feel more successful taking the diagnostic in person therefore, leading to a more successful outcome. As a school, we have to be cognisant that not all children have the same support for distance learning whatever that reason may be. Again, I would like to stress that this is NOT a high stakes standardized test. This diagnostic is a way to guide instruction and give children the best opportunity for learning from now until June. 

    Please see the slides below if you would like more information to share with your student. 

    Powerpoint to show students how to get prepared for the next diagnostic (K pages 2-21, grades 1 and 2 pages 22-42 and grades 3-5 pages 43-93)

    Stay safe and I hope you all have a great week. 

    Mr. Parker 
    Asst. Principal

(978) 374-3400
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