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  • June 14, 2021

    Jaguar families,

    It’s officially here, the last week of the 2020 – 2021 school year. Mr. Gray and I know how trying it has been for many of our families and also much of our staff. We all have had to work from home, hybrid and in-person. It hasn’t been easy.  With that being said, we are coming down to the wire and our staff has been pulling together culminating activities that are fun as well as engaging for our little ones.  They will continue to update you about the happenings here in your specific SH classroom. Stay tuned. 

    i-Ready celebrations:

    Great news everyone.  95% of Silver Hill students made progress toward their annual typical growth in i-Ready reading and 88% made progress towards their annual typical growth in i-Ready math.

    Annual typical growth is the average annual growth for a student at their grade and initial placement value.

    As a school, 50% of our students met or exceeded their annual typical growth in I-Ready reading and 44% of our students met or exceeded their annual typical growth in math! Not bad for our first year of the program in the middle of pandemic.  I can’t wait to see how hard everyone works to top that next year. 

    Grade 5 

    Students who are eligible to be on the High Honors and Honors roll, will be receiving their certificates during the last week of school.  They can either be picked up by the parents or sent home with the student.

    Haverhill Public Schools Summer Reading 2021

    Summer provides a wonderful opportunity for students and families to enjoy great books together! The goal of the Haverhill Public School summer Reading Program is to foster a love of reading. Reading over the summer can also help students to maintain, or even improve their reading skills. In order to meet the needs of each students’ reading skills and interests, the Haverhill Public School Summer Reading lists contain a variety of genres and culturally diverse books at various reading levels. Our lists are identified by grade levels in order to help families choose appropriate books for each child this summer.

    It is so important for students to continue reading during the summer to maintain the progress they made during the school year. It is encouraged to set aside a time each day to read. R Being an avid reader is the surest path to academic success!

    Many of the books on the Summer Reading list are available at the Haverhill Public Library as well as online with the use of a library card. We are excited that HPS students will continue to have their Chromebooks during the summer.  This will allow students to check-out books online using OverDrive or Libby. Instructions on how to access these resources are attached to this letter.  A library card is needed to use these applications. If your child does not have a library card please contact the Haverhill Public Library. It is free and students will have access to all books and online resources at the library.

    Here are some ways in which families can enjoy reading this summer:

    ●  it is okay to read a book to your child if the reading level is too difficult, children learn so much from listening and answering questions about stories

    ●  have a “family reading night” where everyone reads their own book

    ●  read one of your favorite books as a child to your child and talk about why it is one of your favorites

    ●  ask your child  “why” questions about the book.  (for example, “why did you like this book?, “why was this character your favorite?”)

    ●  For older students: Students may also benefit from reading the same title as a friend or family member and engaging in ongoing discussions about the book

    ●  Find a series your children enjoy; they’ll want to keep reading the next book in the series

    ●  Encourage them to try new genres—magazines, graphic novels or nonfiction books about a topic they are interested in.

    As always, please don’t forget to read to your students 20 min a night.  Thank you and let’s make the last full week a great week.  

    Mr. Parker

    Asst. Principal

(978) 374-3400
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