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Back to school 2021-2022 School Year

Dear Silver Hill Elementary School Community,

As Silver Hill Elementary School continues to prepare for the opening of the 2021-2022 school year, it continues to be my honor to welcome back returning students and offer a warm welcome to the new students to our community.

During the previous school year, families, students, staff, and school districts were required to experience a uniquely non-traditional way of living and learning.  COVID-19 impacted all of our community at various level, either in the school environment or in our own personal lives.  We, as a school community, learned how to pivot and change at a moment’s notice.  We performed this task safely and successfully.  The Silver Hill community should be proud of this achievement.

Our mission last year, will remain the same this year.  To ensure that all students feel welcomed, cared for, connected and valued as a member of the school community. Our returning and new teaching staff and specialists are passionate, highly qualified professionals who will work tirelessly to create and implement excellent academic, and social emotional learning opportunities for our Jaguar students to acquire and practice vital skills.  As a school, we will challenge students academically while also having them continue to develop the skills of compassion, caring, teamwork and confidence.

Some updates and questions that many of you may have:

Last year, when I was asked to take over the school due to the difficulty filling the position on short notice, I was very transparent that I would do this for the year and focus on ensuring that the school is safe, students continue to learn and that financially we would be able to hire the necessary support staff for the following year that we did not have in previous years.  In late July, I was asked by the Superintendent if I could continue for another year.  I gladly accepted this offer and postponed my return to my previous role for another year.  As many of you may have heard, the Principal of both the High School and the Hunking School resigned, creating difficult positions to fill.

The Principal at Golden Hill is currently on medical leave and as a result, Mr. Parker has been moved to be the Assistant Principal at Golden Hill, while Paula Rodriguez steps into the role of Interim Principal of Golden Hill.   As a result of these changes, the school went through a rigorous hiring process to replace Mr. Parker.  We were successful in being able to offer the position to Tracey Marino.  I have asked Tracey to create an introductory letter to the school community, which you will be receiving tonight.  Tracey begins in her new role on 8/9/21.

Through our school budget process this Spring we were able to add an additional 2 Reading Interventionist positions, a Math Interventionist position and a full time Math Coach.  This has doubled our curriculum support for this year as well as ensuring that  every K classroom has an ESP.

Haverhill Public Schools continues to work directly with the City of Haverhill, MA Department of Education, and other major stakeholders regarding COVID-19.  There will be some safety requirements that will be in place, similar to last year, however, we should anticipate more specific instructions within the next 10 days.   There are a variety of safety measures that will have to be discussed and agreed upon, including the wearing of masks, social distancing, parents visiting the building, Open House events, Special Education Meetings, etc.  This information will come out from Central Office and will be discussed and approved by the Haverhill School Committee.

For incoming Kindergarten parents, there will be a schedule coming out soon with the Kindergarten screening dates and you will be contacted by your assigned teacher to arrange a schedule to meet.  Typically, the screening process is held over a 3 day period and the students’ 1st day of school will be a week after the Grade 1-5 students.

I am looking forward to working with the Silver Hill Community for another year and seeing our students learn and grow.   Office staff will be returning 8/16/21.  Please email me if you have any questions.


Scott Gray,