Silver Hill Horace Mann Charter School

The Mission of Silver Hill Horace Mann Charter School is to be a thriving learning environment that educates, inspires, challenges and nurtures the minds and well-being of our diverse population of children Kindergarten through Grade 5; where all children achieve at their optimum academic level and develop positive citizenship and character. Silver Hill supports the growth of the Whole Child and the continuous improvement of the teachers in collaboration with the families of Silver Hill and the Haverhill community.

Our students wrote their own version: The mission of SHHMCS is to educate, inspire, challenge and nurture all students (US). Our thriving learning environment (classroom & school) helps us build and develop higher academic skills, positive citizenship and character traits.                                                                       

  • October 17, 2017- Mid Week Update

    Dear Silver Hill Families,

    Please excuse this “Mid Week” instead of Weekend Update. We have lots going on so I wanted to finalize some things before sending this out to you.

    Our x-country meet will be held today at 4:00 at Winnekenni. Perfect fall weather for our runners! If your child is involved today, please be sure to check in with either Coach Sanchez or Coach Herbert at the end of the meet to let them know that you have taken your child. This way we will be sure that all students are accounted for. Thank you in advance for helping with this!

    MCAS 2.0 data has been received, so Data Days for grade 4 and 5 will be held this Thursday and Friday, with all grade 4 classes having substitutes on Thursday, and grade 5 on Friday. As soon as the individual student reports are received they will be mailed home, with more information on this new assessment coming at a later date.

    Today’s morning temperature is a reminder that fall is here…brrrr! Please be sure that your child/children are dressed appropriately for the weather. Layers are always good. Also, there are no shorts after the Columbus Day weekend.

    A reminder that we do not allow balls from home to be brought to school. Our recess equipment is purchased specifically for the recess games, so we can avoid accidental injuries.

    Make-up picture day is Monday, October 23.

    The Silver Hill Horace Mann Foundation invites all interested school community to attend “An Innovation Conversation” next Tuesday, October 24, at 6:00 in the cafeteria. An innovation school can be proposed by any eligible applicant as an initial prospectus. This group of parents would like to engage the Silver Hill community in a preliminary discussion of the possible option of presenting Silver Hill as an innovation school going forward. The flyer is attached.

    Have a great week and Go Jaguars in the meet today!


    Planning Ahead:

    10-23 – Absentee Picture Day

    10-24 – Grade 3 – Matt Noyes Weather Warrior

    11-5 – Daylight Savings

    11-7 – Election Day – Professional development

    11-10 – No School- Veteran’s Day

    11-18 – Float Decorating – PTO

    11-19 – Santa Parade

    11-22 – Early Release – Thanksgiving

    11-23 – Happy Thanksgiving

  • Walmart’s Community Grant Program

    Silver Hill was the proud recipient of a $500 grant from Walmart’s Community Grant Program.  We are excited to apply this generous donation to our PBIS ROARS program. The Silver Hill Jaguars have been doing an awesome job being Respectful, showing Ownership, having a positive Attitude, demonstrating Responsibility, and being Safe. Thank you Walmart for your generosity and your continued support of local communities and organizations.

  • Renaissance Star

    6 de octubre de 2017

    Queridos padres

    En los últimos años, el sistema escolar ha estado publicando informes de progreso para informarle antes de las calificaciones cómo va su hijo en la escuela. A medida que el sistema escolar ha tenido que renovar su sistema de informes para que se ajuste a las normas estatales, este año lanzamos un programa llamado Renaissance Star. Esto nos permitirá indicarle evaluaciones de referencia, que le permitirán ver el progreso de su hijo en matemáticas y lectura y le permitirá entender el progreso de su hijo en comparación con sus compañeros. Esta prueba se administra sin acomodaciones IEP, por lo que si su hijo está en un IEP, recibirá un informe de progreso separado preparado por el maestro de educación especial de su hijo en las próximas semanas.

    Este programa le permitirá entender las habilidades que su hijo a domina o no es competente en lugar de una calificación de letra. Nos permitirá diseñar intervenciones específicas para su hijo según sea necesario. El año pasado, como usted recordará, debido a cambios en la programación como resultado del clima invernal, los tiempos de reporte de progreso se introdujeron en las fechas de los boletines, por lo tanto los informes de progreso no fueron consistentes. Después de que muchos en el sistema escolar revisaran las opciones que teníamos, sentimos que era en el mejor interés de su hijo a transmitirle cómo su hijo a está cumpliendo con los Estándares de Massachusetts establecidos por el Departamento de Educación.

    Una vez más, este sistema de informes está diseñado para ayudarnos a ver dónde está su hijo y ayudarle a entender el éxito o la falta de éxito que uno está teniendo con su éxito general en matemáticas y lectura.

    El primer informe de este tipo le será enviado el 13 de octubre. Después de esa fecha revisaremos los datos y firmaremos las fechas de invierno y primavera para reportes de progreso para informarle mejor sobre el desempeño de su hijo. Por favor, entienda que nuestro intento aquí es reflejar más exactamente el progreso de su hijo en lo que se refiere a los estándares estatales para que usted pueda entender lo listos que están para las pruebas estatales.


    Como siempre, si tiene alguna pregunta, no dude en comunicarse con el director de su escuela.



    Mrs. Margaret Shepherd

    Director de escuela

  • Renaissance Star

    October 6 2017

    Dear parents

    The past few years the school system has been issuing progress reports to let you know prior to report cards how your child is doing in school. As the school system has had to revamp its reporting system to fall in line with the state standards, this year we are launching a program called Renaissance Star. This will allow us to indicate to you benchmark assessments, which will allow you to see your child’s progress in math and reading and will allow you to understand your child’s progress compared to one’s peers. This test is administered without IEP accommodations, so if your child is in on an IEP, you will receive a separate progress report prepared by your child’s special education teacher in the next few weeks.

    This program will allow you to understand what skills your child is proficient in or not proficient in rather than a letter grade. It will allow us to design specific interventions for your child as needed. Last year, as you may remember, due to scheduling changes as a result of winter weather, progress reporting times crept into the report card dates, therefore progress reports were not consistent. After many in the school system reviewed the options we had—we felt it was in your child’s best interest to relay to you how your child is performing on the Massachusetts Standards established by the Department of Education.

    Again, this reporting system is designed to help us see where your child stands and help you understand the success or lack of success one is having with their overall success in math and reading.

    The first such report will be issued to you on Oct 13th. Subsequent to that date we will review the data and firm up winter and spring dates for progress reports to better inform you as to your child’s performance. Please understand that our attempt here is to more accurately reflect your child’s progress as it relates to the state standards so that you can understand how ready they are for state tests.

    As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact your school’s principal.


    Thank you.

    Margaret Shepherd


  • Haverhill Walk For Peace

    What a turn out for this years Walk For Peace! It may have drizzled but that didn’t stop the fun. Thank you to all who participated.

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  • October 1, 2017

    Dear Silver Hill Families,

    Happy October!  Hope you enjoyed this perfect fall day.

    This week teachers will be involved in professional development called Data Days. Each day one grade level will have substitutes for the day to have time to meet with our reading specialists, math coach, special education teachers, English Language Learners teacher, and administration to review each student’s data. This includes end of last school year assessments and the results of last week’s new assessment tool, Renaissance STAR.  See our website for more information on Renaissance.   When the MCAS data is released for grades 3-5, we will also include this in our student analysis. Data Days happen four times a year, at the beginning of the year, and at the end of each trimester, December. March, and May. This allows teachers and interventionists to carefully monitor the progress of every child to make sure they are on track to meet their student growth goal. Teachers and specialists then develop a plan for each student including strategies for guided reading with the classroom teacher, intervention, enrichment, special education and/or ELL services. The following is the schedule for substitutes this week:

    Monday, 10/2 – Grade 3

    Tuesday – 10/3 – Grade 2

    Wednesday  10/4 – Grade 1

    Thursday – 10/5 – Kindergarten

    Just a reminder that Friday, October 6 is an Early Release Day for teachers to continue professional development using the Renaissance assessment tool. Kindergarten Early Birds will be dismissed at 11:15. Depending on the time that the buses come in, the rest of the school will be dismissed starting around 11:25.  There is no school next Monday, October 9, in observance of Columbus Day.

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the Walk for Peace. The rainy weather didn’t stop the walkers and the fun after! Photos coming soon to our web site.

    PTO meets tomorrow night, Monday 10-2 at 6:00, and the Board of Trustees meet Tuesday, October 3 at 5:30.

    Have a great week and a fun long weekend!


    Planning Ahead:

    10-12 – PTO Corn Maze 5:00-8:00

    10-17 – X-country meet, Grades 4-5, 4:00

    10-19 – ROARS Respect Assembly K-5

    10-20 – Kindergarten Firefighter Field Trip 12:15-2:00

    10-23 – Absentee Picture Day

    10-24 – Grade 3 – Matt Noyes Weather Warrior

  • Tuesday we gathered in the gym for our ROARS’Assembly. We introduced our new pledge that concentrates on 5 core values: RESPECT, OWNERSHIP, ATTITUDE, RESPONSIBILITY & SAFETYEach class selected a representative to share an example of a value. Our Jaguars came up with some pretty impressive examples like being respectful in the cafeteria and whole body listening to name a few.

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  • Message from Carol Ireland VIP
    This year, our Haverhill VIP (Violence Intervention & Prevention) Team is collaborating with the neighborhood group, Urban Kindness and the Mt. Washington Alliance. The event is free and open to the entire community. The event strives to raise awareness and celebrate the commitment of efforts within our community that address and prevent the impact of violence. Many students will be working hard to promote, perform and assist with the day’s activities. It is youth led by our VIP and Jr. VIP Teams and provides a tremendous opportunity to highlight strong school-community engagement!
    The walk begins at 1:00 pm, rain or shine, at Swasey Field and ends at Silver Hill Elementary School with a celebration for all. We are planning to have music, snacks, zumba, games, youth speakers, face & pumpkin painting and info on community resources at the celebration. We will also be throwing color powder at 3 different times along the route.. The kids LOVED that last year! 
  • September 10, 2017

    Dear Silver Hill Families,

    Don’t forget that tomorrow, September 11, is Picture Day!

    Find out some ways that you can get involved in your child’s education by joining our PTO. There is a PTO meeting Monday night, September 11th, at 6:00 in the library.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you all at Open House this Wednesday night, September 13.  Grades K,1,2, will be from 5:00 – 6:00 and Grades 3,4,5 6:00 -7:00.  Students and teachers have been working hard already to get their classrooms set up to give you a glimpse of what’s ahead for a new year of learning.

    The PTO would like to start the year with a celebration of learning for our children with an exciting assembly. Wildlife Encounters will be coming to our school for an educational and enriching assembly on Friday, September 15th.  The presentation will educate the children on a wide variety of environmental and wild animal topics. The presenters will have LIVE animals for the audience and a chance to touch the animals at the end of the assembly.  Thank you PTO for bringing our students fun and exciting enrichment opportunities!

    Mark your calendars for the Haverhill Peace Walk, to be held Saturday, September 30, 1:00-3:30. Haverhill VIP (Violence Intervention & Prevention) Team is collaborating with the neighborhood groups, Urban Kindness and the Mt. Washington Alliance, to raise awareness and celebrate the commitment of efforts within our community that address and prevent the impact of violence.  This year the walk will end at Silver Hill, with lots of fun events for the whole family!

    We will be holding a Coin Drive during our lunches to help the people effected by Hurricane Harvey, and now Hurricane Irma. Our goal through community service projects is to teach our students that even a small gesture can go a long way toward helping others. Our thoughts and prayers are with those families as they recover from such devastating storms.

    Warm regards,


  • September 4, 2017 – Weekend Update


    Dear Silver Hill Families,

    We’re back! It was a short and busy first week, and all in all things went very smoothly. Most concerns seemed to be with the morning drop off, afternoon dismissal, and bus schedules. I’ve attached a Morning Drop Off and Afternoon Dismissal Procedures with a few reminders about how we can keep everyone safe and to ease up on some of the traffic/parking problems J Thank you also for your patience with the buses as the routes get established.

    Our Open House will be held on September 13, Grades K,1,2, 5:00-6:00    Grades 3,4,5  6:00-7:00. We hold our Open House after the start of school so the children have had a chance to spend a few weeks in school and can then be the tour guides and show you around their classroom and share some of their new learning activities and classroom routines. Hope to see you all there!

    Below please find the links for our breakfast and lunch menus:

    PTO has asked that I include their e-mail address here, if you’d like to be included in their updates.

    As always, please do not hesitate to e-mail or call if you have any questions or concerns. My door is open, and I encourage you to communicate with school so we can all work together for the best learning experiences possible!

    Warm regards,

    Margaret   978-374-3448

    Planning Ahead:

    9-5 – Board of Trustees Meeting (5:30)

    9-11 – Picture Day

    9-11 – PTO (6:00)

    9-13 – Open House– Grades K,1,2, 5:00-6:00    Grades 3,4,5  6:00-7:00

    9-15 – PTO Sponsored “Animal Encounters”

    10-6 – Early Release

    Drop Off and Dismissal Procedures

(978) 374-3400
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