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  • March 18, 2020

    Good Morning Silver Hill Jaguars and your Families,

    Today is Wednesday, March 18, 2020.  I know this will be different for everyone working from home but I wanted to be able to touch base with you daily as if you were in school.  I will send home a daily email and a voicemail so be sure to watch for these. I will be sharing some great resources or ideas for some fun learning while at home, a challenge you can take part in, a joke for the day, and of course our birthdays we need to celebrate!


    Let’s start by wishing everyone a happy belated Saint Patrick’s Day!  I hope the leprechaun brought a little better luck to us all! I hope someone was lucky enough to find a pot of gold too! 

    Being out of school for a few days, we have already missed a few birthdays but we certainly do not want to forget them:

    Happy Belated March 13th birthday to:

    Alice M., Julyanis D. 

    Happy Belated March 14th birthday to :

    Kolbe B.

    Happy Belated March 14th Birthday to :

    Mrs Perez in grade 3

    Happy Belated March 15th Birthday to :

    Izabella B, Isabella S, Adriana A, Josue M., Jisela E.

    Happy Belated March 17th birthday to :

    Robert W, Skye W, , Avery A., 

    And Happy Birthday today, March 18th to :

    Cameron S


    We truly understand how overwhelming this can be at home right now for everyone.  Please just do a little each day and utilize the resources the teachers and district have shared with you. I will try to highlight various resources that will be helpful for you.  One great resource for online learning at home is offered through Scholastic Books, which we use often at school. The link below will take you to the parent resource page. You can click on each grade level for various activities.  I recommended a few I was able to view today as well. Enjoy!

    Scholastic Learn At Home Website:

    I viewed the following grade level activities and would recommend:

    K- Planting a Rainbow: start the day off positive and bright!

    GR1-2 Diary of a Spider: I think kids in grades K-2 will love this one!  

    Gr 3-5 Nothing Can Stop Her: a young girl encourages all to have the courage and enthusiasm to solve your own problems.

    Gr 6 Celebrating Differences: same story as “Nothing Can Stop Her” but extended activities and stories may be more appealing to some grade 5 students.


    If you are comfortable doing so, PLEASE share any pictures or comments we can post on our website of our Jaguars working hard at home.  We have already started this section, check it on the school website under Jaguar Corner! You can share by emailing me at We will only post the student name and picture with your permission .Can’t wait to see all the learning going on!

    Joke of the Day:

    Why did the student eat his homework?  Answer tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

    Jaguar Pledge:

    Just want to end with our Silver Hill Jaguar Pledge:

    I pledge today and everyday, to show respect in every way.

    I take ownership for my behavior, with a positive attitude towards my neighbor

    Responsibility is on my mind, I try my best every time.

    Safety is seen throughout the school, we care about others and follow the rules.

    Silver Hill Jaguars, ROAR!!!!!! 

    Remember to make us PROUD, follow the pledge in and out of school!

    It is going to be a beautiful day, get outside for a bit, clean up the yard, jump rope, run around but be safe and remember to wash your hands frequently! 

    Have a great day, we miss you all,

    Mrs. Lucas

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