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  • January 17, 2021

    Jaguar families,

    Here we go. Week 3 of 2021…  

    As of the School Committee Meeting on 1/14/21, there was no change in plan for the Cohort C students to come back as of Tuesday, 1/19/21. Our Cohort A and B will be coming back the week of 1/25/21. Yeee haw! We can’t wait to see you in the halls and working hard in the classrooms.  As of now, I’m sure you have heard the buzz about “Pool Testing”.  The district will be piloting additional pool testing over the next few weeks. Prior to any testing there will be parental consents sent home that will need to be signed if you are willing to move forward with the testing.  No student will be allowed to pool test without signed written consent. 

    A very special ‘Shout Out’ to our past January Birthdays:

    2nd – Andy C and Andrew S

    3rd – Jacob T and Charlotte F

    4th – Annaly G and Jaleidys T

    5th – Hudson M

    6th – Hailey C, Jackson K and Patrick O

    7th – Genevie G, Natalie P and Abigail P

    8th – Esra B and Jose P

    9th – Kaysen M and Kaed V

    10th – Coltin G, Rosa L and Noah P

    11th – Tianna G

    12th – Peyton C and Mckinley

    13th – Emma B

    14th – Annemarie S, Elias S and Michael S

    15th – Alexis X, Angelique X, Noah V and   Luiseira L

    16th – Joseph R, Anthony M, Orion D and Ileana G.G.

    17th – Alexander P

    Hope you all had a great day celebrating you!

    iReady Testing

    In the upcoming weeks we will be conducting iReady diagnostics and some of the google meets could be interrupted.  Staff will be providing assignments and other creative forms of lessons to ensure learning continues. Your cherubs will be tested in both Math and ELA.  Math will take place the week of Jan. 25 and ELA will be Feb. 1.  On another note, it’s imperative for our students to understand the importance of iReady diagnosis.  We would appreciate it if you would reinforce what our teachers are currently emphasizing, the purpose of why we are doing this.  Without purpose, students may rush or not put forth their best effort. Here are some tips to help students excel, PowerPoint® presentation. You can also use i-Ready Pledge Sheets to encourage effort and engage students before they begin testing.

    District wide Attendance Contest 

    100% Attendance competition school wide from 1/11/21-2/12/21.

    Attendance Winter Contest 2021.pdf 

    Student and Social Emotional Assistance

    Our school adjustment counselors have been compiling a great deal of resources to help you and your child navigate this time.  Feel free to take a peek at the following links and perouse our Silver Hill Counseling page.

    No School Tomorrow-

    1/18/21- Martin Luther King / Civil Rights Day

    F & P / Letterland Assessments

    F&P reading assessment and letterland assessments have been conducted remotely over the course of the past weeks.

    Please reach out to our literacy coach Ms. Todd if you have any questions regarding these assessments-

    Hope you have a great day off tomorrow and stay safe.  We look forward to seeing you soon. 

    Mr. Parker 
    Asst. Principal

(978) 374-3400
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