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  • March 22, 2021

    Hello Jaguar Families,

    Spring has officially arrived and the weather was absolutely perfect to get Spring off to a great start.  This past week, there was a great deal of discussion about the return to school survey and newly released in-person learning calendar passed by the school committee. I have attached it so please read it over carefully to minimize any confusion or concerns you may have. The district will start the return to in person learning on the week of 4/5/21.  We will provide more information over the coming weeks. 

    We are hard at work trying to look at the best ways we can minimize classroom interruptions and maximize on time learning.  There’s a great deal of moving parts we need to iron out these next few weeks.  On top of examining classrooms and staffing, we need to take a look at the drop off and pick up procedure, duty schedules, lunches and many little nuances that make the building run so smoothly. I would like to ask for your patience over the next few weeks in order to make Silver Hill as efficient as it always is.  With that being said, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any question or suggestions you may have.   

    Marks close:

    Just a reminder about grades.  Marks will close on 3/25 so make sure you have your cherubs complete any outstanding assignments that have not been completed or “submitted” to their teachers…

    A very special ‘Shout Out’ to our past and upcoming Birthdays:

    3/14 Kolby B., Devyn G., Alondra P.
    3/15 Jisela E., Josue V, Isabella S., Adriana A
    3/17 Robert W, Skye W, Avery A
    3/18 Cameron G.
    3/19 Stephanie B., Jasmine O, Zaylee M., Isabella G
    3/22 Jasniel R, Ella C
    3/23 Ashley V, Freddy C, Miles P, Yessiah B, Ashley T
    3/24 Ashley R, Ayden W, Kaden G, Georgia A,
    3/25 Logan B, Melina A, Giorgianna T
    3/26 Alexia P
    3/27 Andres P, Joshua G and Daman S. 

    Thank you and have a great week. 

    -Mr. Parker
    Asst. Principal

    Spanish In person April return

     English In person April return 

    Portuguese In person April return 

    Arabic In person April return 

    Haitian In person April return 

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